Wednesday, April 14, 2010

17 Weeks!

ITS A BOY!!!!!! We got to find out what our little baby owens was today! We are blessed with a baby boy!!! :) we couldnt be anymore happy! We love this baby soooo much! The baby weighs 7 oz right now lol the doctor said it was a little higher than normal lol but oh well hes a healthy beautiful baby! He sure was proud to show us what he was! lol we have his name picked out but gregs making me keep it a secert, and its sooo hard, so when Im if im ever aloud to say its name I will be all over this blog! lol and i was happy to see I hadnt gained any weight but at least the baby is, hes heart and everything is great and his heartbeat was 155, and the doctor kept measuring the baby and making us wait to find out and all we want was to see what baby owens was and he was making us wait lol! I always worry going into the doctor that they are going to say something bad, but little baby owens always gives us good news! We love our little man sooo much! We are ready for him to be here! and mommy is ready to do some major shopping!! Well this is it until either next week or gregory lets me say the name lol!

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  1. YES! andother little baby man runnign arund with Gagey!! I'm so excited for Baby Owens to get here!!