Wednesday, April 7, 2010

16 Weeks!

Well Baby Owens is 16 weeks old now! and is still doing great! We are loving this baby so much... we were going to try and find out what it is tomorow but my doctor had to cancel due to surgrey :( boo! But this time next wednesday we will be at the doctor waiting to see if this baby is ready to tell the world what it is lol. We cant wait, we are ready to give it a name!! We have some ideas for names but we are keeping it a secert for now, thats daddys request. lol. I have been feeling great now! April might be my month lol I just got over a 24 hr bug! :( ugh and im finally feeling normal again lol so thats great! Daddy is getting mommys cravings its so funny when he craves something, I thought I was bad..... Well thats all for now when we hear something about the baby I will post! :) hopefully I will be able to tell what we are having!

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