Thursday, May 27, 2010

23 Weeks :)

I went to the doctor yesturday to see Ryder in 4D but he didnt want to show us his face lol of course my luck lol. Daddy didnt get to go :( he started a new job this week so he couldnt make it but we got it on tape for him. Ryder was moving around like crazy during the ultrasound but it seemed like everytime she hit the buttom to go into 4D he covered his face, so i guess he didnt want no one to see him until daddy got to lol. He gave us a thumbs up and showed us his little fingers lol hes so cute :) I cant wait for him to get here, Im really scared at the same time but excited because its our baby boy! :) One of these days I will post pictures of little Ryder, well the best we got of him lol.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

22 Weeks :)

Ryder is moving around more and more every week lol he really likes the mornings and evenings and when greg talks to him and rubs my belly he moves around! :) I cant wait for greg to be able to feel him move and see him move around in there. I get to go to the doctor next week and him our baby in 4D :) Im very excited to see our baby again, i love ultrasounds! :) I need to get pics up so the world can see our lil buddle of joy! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

21 Weeks

Oh how im counting down the weeks until we get to meet this beautiful baby boy of ours! :) I had my very first mothers day this year! Well like gregs nana said 1/2 mothers day lol it was great! :) I got flowers from gregory and my very first card from one of my best friends terra and also one from my wonderful MOM! :) my step mom got Ryder his crib, dresser, and changing table! Im ready to get it up and start decorating his room! :) We have decided to go his room in Construction! Which I think will be sooooo cute because greg is in construction and he will be like daddy! :) Greg is getting so excited and ready to feel his baby moving around, but he has to wait a few more weeks lol. Ryder is a mover shew, he was moving like crazy this morning, hes usually a night owl when he moves lol. We go to the doctor May 26th for the 4-D ultrasound! We cant wait!!! I will def have pics up!!! :) We love our Ryder Dean Owens :)

20 Weeks :)

Every monday Ryder is getting closer and closer to getting here! :) When I went to the doctor a few days ago he was measuring at 23 weeks lol and hes weighing a bit big for now, but as long as hes a healthy and happy baby than Im fine with it lol but a 10 pound baby makes me a little bit nervous because ill have to have a C-section! shew! :) he is kicking alot actually he really likes to kick around 8:30 or 9 at night but hes not kicking hard enough for daddy to feel just yet but hopfully in a few weeks daddy will be bale to feel Ryder moving like a wild goose! lol We love our RYder very much! :)